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Millennials Drink Whiskey

Millennials are blamed for countless things, but you can happily add their contribution to making the whiskey industry surge to that list. As a whole, the generation is drinking less than their baby boomer counterparts, but they are going out on a limb far more often in the constant search to find new, exciting drinks. Thankfully, theBAR2GO fits right in with this desire to drink a little bit of the good stuff.

Millenials are in part responsible for the surge in craft cocktails.  More specifically, flavored whiskey sales are growing faster within the whiskey department than their non-flavored rivals. Let’s take for example the cinnamon flavored options, that is a boom like none before it. Everyone is enjoying the journey to “ what are you drinking tonight”?  Millenials don’t tend to drink the same thing over and over. TheBAR2GO sees our “Girls Who Drink Whiskey” cases and “Whiskey Business” cases often heading towards the younger crowd, and they are ready to share their creations. TheBAR2GO is perfect for this change in tastes. You can fit your favorite, unique whiskeys in your bottles, then head out with the perfect amount to casually make drinks on whatever venture you end up on. It makes for the perfect activity that so many people want to be a part of - sharing their new whiskey finds with others. When seeking out good liquor, people are more and more going out without a specific brand already in mind. It is more likely that you will want to go see what is new and exciting.

Whether you want to take your favorite whiskey on a  road trip with friends, you are headed out on a charter boat and need cocktails to go along in your bag, or want to give theBAR2GO as a gift - filled of course with your favorite new whiskeys-  these mini cases are the perfect way to keep up with this new trend. See which one is perfect for you!

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