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Is it okay to bring your own alcohol on an airplane?

At theBAR2GO we are asked that question often and the answer is not so cut and dry after all. There are two points to consider.

In short .... yes, according to TSA you are welcome to bring alcohol thru security as long as:

* the individual bottle holds less than standard regulation 3.4 ounces

*the bottle is unopened and the alcohol is in its original container

*the alcohol does not exceed 140 proof

At that point you are welcome to take as many bottles as reasonably fit in a single, clear, 1 quart zipper top bag. By my estimations that is somewhere around 8 1.7 ounce mini bottles.

But then, once you get the bottles thru security, the question becomes is it lawful to drink those bottles while in the air? It is strictly forbidden by Federal Regulations to open your own bottle of alcohol on an airplane. Period. Your cocktail must be purchased from and served by a flight attendant. Just to be sure the FAA makes their point perfectly clear, the fine imposed if caught is up to $11,000 ... which makes for a very expensive cocktail. Please consider the consequences of serving yourself in flight.

WITH ALL OF THAT SAID.... from the standpoint of theBAR2GO, pack your minis according to the regulations and once thru security you are set when you get to your destination. No more sub-par and super expensive drinks in your hotel room or having to drink wine when you get to your pal's remote cabin when what you really want is a nice scotch. And don't forget, searching for mini bottles on a trip can yield some great ones you don't have access to at home. Now with theBAR2GO empty at the end of your trip, pack it up with the new ones and head home without worrying about breaking them. No socks or tee shirts for padding!

Know the rules, be prepared and enjoy your trip! CHEERS...

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